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With our lives moving at an incredibly fast pace and our attention spans becoming ever more diminished, your website’s first impression is becoming increasingly important. Did you know that the average user forms an opinion about your site in 50 milliseconds? Or that the majority of readers spend less than 15 seconds on a webpage? So, as website owners, our challenge is to make a good first impression, and keep our content sticky.

Website First Impressions


How do you make a good first impression with your website?

A website’s first impression for me is all about the layout. The menu bar tells the whole story – it is where I like to see a blog’s main topics. From there, I like to be able to use tags to quickly find my way around to what I’m looking for.
Julianne Smith

I’m a self-professed design and lifestyle blog junkie. The first thing I notice about a site is the layout, design and photography. A blog that makes a great first impression has a simple, pretty layout that is easy to read and pleasing to the eye and showcases great photography. If one or the other is off I’m not likely to return.
Cyd Converse

What do these answers have in common? They both form their feelings about a site at the first moment they see it. If it’s cluttered, difficult to navigate, or not appealing to their eye, they aren’t likely to stick around. They may not have read a word and yet they are ready to leave.

Here are a few things that, as a reader, give me a great first impression:

  • A clean, easy to follow, cohesive design
  • Fast loading of information
  • Quick access to relevant information
  • An immediate clue about the blog’s main focus

And some things that make me click away:

  • Difficult to follow navigation, or a large amount of clicks to get the information I’m looking for
  • Music
  • High-resolution photos that take several seconds to load
  • Distracting elements, such as pop-up windows or flashing ads
What do you think makes people come back?

These are the things that keep me reading when I visit a new blog: clean layout, unique design that says who they are, good grammar, content that is obviously written with a wider audience than one’s family in mind, and posts that aren’t consistently about the banal things in life. The one exception to the banality rule? Those who can write about the mundane and make me laugh. If you’re one of those few genuinely funny people out there you can write about putting the groceries away or retrieving the mail from the mailbox and I’ll still keep reading.
Jenna Cole

Jenna is a reader that truly wants to engage with a blog author. If you are a follower of her blog, this won’t surprise you, as her own blog is personal and she has built a wonderful community with her readers.

Being personal isn’t just for “personal blogs”. If you are in the wedding industry, you no doubt know the name Lara Casey. Lara’s site and social profiles promote her business, but also gives potential clients and industry readers a window into who she is as an individual. She is branding herself as much as she is branding her talent, and people want to connect with her, as well as connect with her work.

A few things that keep me as a reader coming back to a blog:

  • Consistent, informational posts
  • Unique content, especially written with a distinctive point of view
  • Posts that start me thinking—this could be a post about business philosophy or beautiful inspiration photos

What resonates with you when you read a blog for the first time? What makes you return for more?

5 comments on “First Impressions

  1. Brit writes...

    Great tips! I get so turned off by poorly designed sites/blogs that do not have easy navigation.

  2. Tenille writes...

    I like a clean layout and great photography. That keeps my interest. The writer also has to be engaging and aware and funny.

  3. melissa hayes writes...

    Personally, I rarely revisit a blog. There are so many blogs and so little time. And honestly, I can’t always remember the name of the blog. I don’t like to subscribe because I get bombarded by emails as it is…so much so, that I never subscribe to anything any more. I agree with all the points above about what makes a blog worth looking at. I think you’ve done a good job with keeping it simple.

  4. Ami, thanks so much for answering my questions! You mentioned some of my favorite bloggers so that makes it even better. These are really good points to keep in mind and make sense. It’s crazy how quickly we form a first impression on a blog.

    Something that always brings me back to a blog (in addition to what you’ve talked about) is if I’ve made a personal connection with the writer. If someone has taken the time to respond to my comment, commented on my blog or sent an email then I’m 10x more likely to come back to their blog, comment, subscribe etc. They begin to feel like a friend and that I know them, versus just being a random blog where I feel distant from the writer.

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