The Midas Whale

Several seasons ago, there was a duo on the Voice by the name of Midas Whale. Legend has it, one member of the duo asked the other if he wanted to form a band, and he replied “Might as well”, and thus the name was born. From then on, in the office, each decision we made because we “might as well” was referred to as a Midas Whale.

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Over time, I’ve come to the realization that though he may originally appear cute and harmless, the Midas Whale is a dangerous predator. It’s so easy to follow the Midas Whale that the best alternative may be left by the wayside.


  • You’re going down the path of least resistance.
  • You might not truly want to take the route, but you can’t think of a reason not to.
  • Your first choice wasn’t available, so this is the next best thing.
  • Other people are doing it, so you think you should as well.

Before following the Midas Whale, ask yourself:

  • Is there another course of action with a higher potential upside?
  • Am I doing this because it’s easy, or because it’s best?
  • What do my instincts say about the choice?
  • Am I swimming with the current (pardon the pun) or simply being carried along?

Have you followed a Midas Whale? How did you feel about your decision?

2 comments on “The Midas Whale

  1. Tamika | Bajan Wed writes...

    I had that experience for the last few days and it was the worst! Always follow your instincts- don’t settle for anything. When you go down a path that doesn’t speak to you, it also means that you could end up closing doors that were otherwise open to you because people are now confused about your brand/identity.

    When you’re trying to do something different, it will never be easy and success may not look the way you thought it would, but staying true to yourself brings an incredible sense of satisfaction that makes it all worth it in the end.

  2. Christina Osborne writes...

    What a perfect metaphor for the things we do that know we shouldn’t. I have found over the years, I have accumulated so much business clutter. Things started simple enough. I would build some one a website. Then I started my own blog. I built some more websites and started learning about marketing. I got a job as a marketer and started another blog, this one about marketing. Along the way I launched and abandoned podcasts, email lists and websites. I now find myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of obligations. The funniest thing is, I know exactly what my core passions are. I know exactly what my gifts to the world are. But right now I find myself trapped by the projects and businesses I’ve accumulated. My Midas Whale operates under the false assumption that if I am capable of doing something I should do it. It has gotten me into a whole world of hurt, including no downtime for months and a severe case of burnout. I’m looking forward to getting out from under my enormous Midas Whale. Great post Ami.

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