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So you have done some research and finalized a name for your blog or website. Now what? It’s time to purchase and register domain names!

All About Domain Names

The steps to buying domain names are different depending on the registrar, but they all typically make this pretty easy for you. Choose a registrar (DreamHost, BlueHost, LiquidWeb, GoDaddy or the like), look for “registrations” or “manage domains”, and for around $10 and in around 10 minutes, you can register a domain. You do not have to register your domain with the hosting company you ultimately choose (we’ll chat about hosting in the next part of this series!). Each of my domains are registered with DreamHost, but my hosting is with LiquidWeb.

When you are registering a domain, certain information will be required so that the owner of the domain is visible in engines like Whois. Your hosting provider should have a privacy service that you can take advantage of, so that your personal information is not used for the registration. I use DreamHost to register my domains because of their free Whois privacy service.

At a minimum, register the .com and .net versions of your new domain. You likely also want to purchase common variations and misspellings of your name. You should determine which of those will be your primary site and redirect the other. So, for example, if you visit, it will redirect you to Redirects are key because you want visitors and search engines knowing your site by only one address, to strengthen that address’s results in searches. To redirect your domain, visit the domain settings in your registrar’s panel. Redirects are likely under “hosting options”—you do not need to purchase hosting to redirect your domain.

Other options for registration are the version of your domain, .info, .mobi, .biz, .org, etc. There are even fun choices these days like .wedding!

After you have registered your domain, our next step will be selecting a hosting provider. Then you will be ready to do some basic setup on your server and install WordPress! Aren’t you excited?

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6 comments on “Domain Names

  1. Brit writes...

    Here’s a question (maybe for a future post). When some people register their domain, they do not make their registration private – therefore releasing their personal information. How can someone make sure this doesn’t happen?

    • Ami writes...

      it’s a great question, and i hope i covered it in this post – most domain registration services and hosting providers have a privacy service that you can take advantage of when you register your domain. some provide the service for free and others make you pay a small amount, but it’s definitely worth it! when you register your domain, the option should be available to you.

      are there other ways that you know of? please share!

  2. Tiffany writes...

    and can you make the address private too? i couldn’t tell from above whether or not you have to include your residential address.

    thanks! and i love this blog – GREAT tips and so easy to follow!

    • Ami writes...

      Hi Tiffany! Thanks for the kind words. :)

      Yep, you can make your address and phone number private too.

  3. Tiffany writes...

    great! thanks!!

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