What The Bachelor Teaches Us About Business

Let’s face it, a lot of us are fans of horrible reality TV, including The Bachelor.  But we if dive in a little closer, we can see that we can actually learn something from the “journey”…


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Lesson 1: Not everyone is your soul mate

The Bachelor has 25 amazing women to choose from. Of course, his connection will be stronger with some than with others.

So how does this translate?

  • Not every client is your client.
  • Not every potential sponsor is right for you.
  • Not every guest blogger fits your aesthetic.
  • Not every blog/website/magazine/etc is a good fit for your advertising needs.

It took me a long time to come to terms with this. It’s hard to feel comfortable with saying no! But in the long run, it’s in your best interest to know your business or your blog well enough to make an informed decision about who you should work with and where best to spend your time and money.

Lesson 2: The popular choice isn’t always the right choice

Remember Bachelor Jake? Polls showed that most viewers wanted him to choose Tenley, but he followed his heart instead and proposed to Vienna.

There will inevitably be a time where you have to choose a path for your business. Perhaps it’s a price increase, a geographic move, or a new product you want to introduce. Your decisions won’t always be popular among the masses, and that’s OK. If you have evaluated and determined your course of action – stick to your gut and believe in yourself, because what’s right in everyone else’s eyes isn’t always the right choice for you.

Lesson 3: Sometimes you just have to let go

Megan left Chris’s season of The Bachelor when she knew the “spark” wasn’t there.

One of the most difficult problems faced in business is when to let go – of an idea, of an employee, of a product line, etc. There is no right answer. It’s of course different in each situation, but the key is learning to recognize when it’s time to cut the cord, and when you make the decision, confront the problem directly, make an action plan, and follow through.

Lesson 4: First impressions are important

On episode 1 of Ben’s season of The Bachelor, the all-important initial first-impression rose went to Lindzi, who was also one of the final two ladies.

We all know the old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. It’s cliche, but it’s true. Most first impressions are now made online, when someone is researching service providers or reading past reviews of products. Potential customers or clients may find your Twitter feed, personal blog, Facebook page, and of course your website.

  • How do you present yourself online?
  • How does your website/blog reflect on your business?
  • Is the branding consistent with your intended message?
  • Is what they see representative of what they get?

Lesson 5: It’s OK to admit you were wrong

Even if you aren’t a fan of The Bachelor, you may remember the absolutely wild After the Final Rose where Jason broke up with the winner, Melissa, only to ask Molly to date him again.  Jason and Molly have now been married for 5 years and have a daughter, while Melissa married a former boyfriend and has two children.

It’s inevitable that we will all make bad decisions.  Handling success is easy, but handling failure and accepting our bad outcomes is so much more important, in life and in business.  It’s OK to make bad calls, to admit you were wrong, and to try, try again.

Of course, there are many other life lessons we can learn from The Bachelor, most of which are quite obvious to non-reality-TV contestants!  What have you learned from watching The Bachelor?

15 comments on “What The Bachelor Teaches Us About Business

  1. Betsy Kinsey writes...

    This is SO great, I’m glad we could garner some knowledge from this train wreck and my obsessive watching wasn’t in vain ;) Keep more posts like this coming, love this one and the figure skating one!

  2. Katie writes...

    Thanks for sharing this – make me feel like I am getting something out of my time watching the show! :-)

  3. JessLehry writes...

    Love this Ami! Now I don’t feel so awful about wasting my time watching that show! LOL.

  4. Brit writes...

    It’s funny how true these points are. I know on a regular basis, my business partner and I make sure that we are aligning our brand with our goals.

    And, I of course love good reality (or trashy reality TV).

  5. Kate writes...

    This was a great post! These hard decisions are often the ones that shape the future and success of your business.

  6. Ami this post is awesome. I learn so much better with examples that involve my guilty pleasures. Just kidding. Sorta.

    How do you make a good first impression with your blog? What do you think makes people come back?

  7. Great post Ami, particularly like the first point about – not everyone is your soul mate. That applies to so many aspects of life!

  8. Ami … I love this post and you are 200% right.
    This is my new favorite blog. That is all :)

  9. Elie's Papel writes...

    This is sooo true… i think relationships are like business in which if you play your cards well you will be the winner

  10. I’ve never watched the Bachelor, but now I know it offers such sound business advice I might have to! :)

    • Ami writes...

      Amy – it’s pure drivel, but such a guilty pleasure.

  11. Tamika | Bajan Wed writes...

    Hard pills to swallow but so very true!! Being a business owner, you’re always faced with tough decisions but it gives you thick skin and some wonderful growth experiences!

    • Ami writes...

      Isn’t that the truth? It’s so hard not to take everything personally!

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