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You may have noticed in the comment sections of each Edit and Post post that some comments have photos and others have the default avatar.

WordPress by default supports photos in the form of Gravatars, or globally recognized avatars.  It takes about 30 seconds to sign up for a Gravatar.  If you are the owner of a blog, or have a WordPress blog installed on your own server and use the Akismet or Jetpack plugins, you can sign into Gravatar with your existing username and password. Otherwise, simply:

  • Click here
  • Input your email address
  • Click on the link in the confirmation email
  • Create a Gravatar username and password
  • Import a photo of yourself and crop it as desired
  • Add as many other email addresses to your account as you like

And voila, the next time you comment here (or on any other WordPress blog with avatars enabled), we will get to put a face to a name.  Yay!

For those of you who have WordPress blogs already (or will be installing them soon after reading the Building Your WordPress Blog post series), include avatars in your comment section by visiting Settings -> Discussion in your WordPress dashboard and checking “Show Avatars”.

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16 comments on “Gravatars

  1. Love it – doing it right now! Thanks Ami, so excited about your new blog (and impressed with how you do it all!)

  2. Lindsay writes...

    great blog! i’ll be following ..

  3. Melissa writes...

    Testing…Testing- I hope my picture comes up….

  4. Catie Ronquillo writes...

    Thanks for posting this Ami! I’ve always wondered how to do it and couldn’t figure it out!! :) Now I’m all set.

  5. Ami writes...

    Aw, look at everyone’s pictures! Ya’ll are so pretty!

  6. Rosalind Bordo writes...

    Thanks Ami! What a great blog! I think I did this Gravatar thing right…

  7. Brit writes...

    Thanks for reminding me to set mine up! I only had it set up on my personal account. Whoops!

  8. Jenna writes...

    Just updated my Gravatar. Great post! I’m going to link to it and hope my readers do the same. It is really fun to see photos next to comments instead of squiggly graphics in a box.

  9. Andrea McMahon writes...

    I hope mine works!!! If not, try try again for me. :) Thanks for sharing such valuable information!

  10. Ami writes...

    looks great everyone!

  11. Joan writes...

    Thanks so much for the tip! Great idea!

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